The impact of our choices on ourselves and others

I have always been fascinated by the impact of our choices on ourselves and others. That is why I have devoted my career of 25 years to writing and lecturing about how we by making informed and conscious choices can create a better quality of life not only for ourselves, but for others.


Examples of what I do

Lecture: On sustainable development, climate smart lifestyle, climate smart food

Moderate: Conferences and events - primarily about sustainability


EU Commission "Innovation 2014 Conference" Brussels March 10-11

Moderating 43 Meet and Greet and pressconferences at the Eurovison Song Contest in  Malmö 2013 and in Stockholm 2016, among them the winner´s pressconference.

Eurovision 2013, Eurovison 2016

 House Moderator Öresundshuset Almedalen (Sweden´s yearly big political arena in Visby) 2015 and 2016

Spelakademin 2015, 2016, 2017

Grant Thornton bi annual Swedish Get Togehter In Malmö 2016

Gothenburg Award for Sustainable development 2015 och 2016

Creative Powers for Europe, Malmö 2016

Boverkets Plattformsdagar, 2016, Malmö

Imagine, Hållbar stadsutveckling, Malmö 2017

Näringslivsdagen, Malmö 2017

Expo Limhamn 2017

Länsförsäkringar, talkshow, Malmö 2017

Studentafton med Jan Eliasson, Lunds Universitet 2017

Renovas Hållbarhets-seminarium, 2017

A Sustainable Tomorrow 2017, Båstad

Gröna Näringar, Grevieparken, 2018

Dramaten Royal Theater, We have a dream, 2018

Nordisk konferens om kulturpolitik, ministernivå, Malmö 2018

ICMEO, Regeringskansliet, Internationell konferens. "How to engage men in gender equaiity", 2018

A Sustainable Tomorrow, Malmö, 2018





Moderating the session "Innovation in Action - tackling Climate Change" in Brussels dec 6 2011 at the EU-comission 1 200 participant conference on innovation. The main speaker of the session was Vivienne Westwood.

See film 

Write books: Book Nr 10 was published in 2014. The subjects are health/environment/empowerment

Write: Articles, text for brochures, websites, exhibitions, press material.

Teach yoga: I teach four classes of dynamic yoga in Malmö every week. It is a very hands on way to empower people and make them get in touch with their core values. All change starts with ourselves. I often incorporate yoga when I lecture and moderate.

TV: I am trained as a studio reporter and have produced about 15 webTV-films about sustainability.

City Art Gym: I have together with my husband created the first sculpture in the world that you can work out on:

Whom do I work for?


Damanco AB, I am part of the Damanco community

The Swedish government

The EU-commission

The City of Malmö

The city of Piteå,  Luleå, Nässjö, Hässleholm and Landskrona

Industrial Institute for Environmental Economics

Chalmers, SLU Alnarp

NGO:s:  WWF, Bilda, IM, ABF


Solutions Journal
Aftonbladet Debatt
DN Debatt


Damm Förlag/ICA Förlaget
The City of Malmö


Some links to assignments in English:

SCD-07 conference -
Workshop-coordinator and moderator

The Planet in 2050 -
PR-coordinator, moderator

Organic/fairtrade-guide -
Project leader and writer

Western Harbour guide book -

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"The Malmö Way"

Catarina has worked as a consultant with sustainable development for the city of Malmö since 2001. In her lecture "The Malmö Way", she tells the story about Malmö´s acclaimed work with sustainable development; the eco-cites, the focus on solar energy, Fairtrade City, the organic school lunches, the strategies for climate smart transports etc.

How sustainable are you?

Inspiration to reduce pressure on the
climate, your health and your wallet

Guided tours

Guided tours in the eco-cities Western Harbour and Augustenborg.



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